As it was my Birthday last month, I decided to treat myself to some new threads. I’ve been decluttering my wardrobe, getting rid of heaps of clothes that don’t fit me anymore. My wardrobe must be about half it’s original size already and I’m still not finished. EEEK. So my splurge is justfied… a little. OK, not really but in my defense, it was all on sale….

I filmed a VLOG on all my new pieces which you can check out below. I did also have two items which I had to return to ASOS. I’ve never had to return anything with ASOS before and I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was. The first item was a Lipsy Jacket, which was faulty. The kind kids in Customer Care were so easy to deal with and refunded me my money and had the jacket picked up by courier within 24 hours. I also had a pair of jeans that I had to return as I had ordered the wrong size. In this case, I paid $10 to return them to Sydney and am in the process of getting a refund for them.

In total, I bought about 12 items I think which I will be wearing a LOT in the future as I love them all! The brands I picked up were ASOS own brand, Pieces, Oasis, Lipsy, New Look, and Blank NYC and included everything from Jeans to evening dresses. The pictures below are more about the detail on the items but check out my VLOG if you want to see the overall pieces :) .

Here’s my ASOS haul!

DSC_0020 DSC_0023 DSC_0027 DSC_0028 DSC_0032 DSC_0034 DSC_0040 DSC_0041 DSC_0042 DSC_0045 DSC_0046 DSC_0050 DSC_0054 DSC_0059 DSC_0064 DSC_0066 DSC_0070 DSC_0072 DSC_0075

Sydney Birthday Celebrations – Helicopter Ride

For my birthday, Colm took me on a helicopter ride in Sydney which was awesome. Check out some of the pics I snapped from the sky…

IMG_5699 IMG_5723 IMG_5727 IMG_5733 IMG_5744 IMG_5770 IMG_5771

Burberry AW14 July Collection – Showing Some Love!

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 8.37.30 am


These are some of my favourite pieces from the Burberry AW 14 July Collection. I love the colours and patterns, style and cut!


I particularly love the cut of the dress – it’s VERY Maid Marion – LOVE IT!


What do you think? Do you like the pieces I’ve selected?

LoveThis Zoeva Cosmetics Haul



Recently, while I was home in Ireland, I noticed that my make up brushes were in dire straights. I’m no make up artist so I picked the brains of Debbie Leonard. I didn’t have a clue about the types of brushes I would need, so she was definitely the woman to ask.

I don’t know about you but make up brushes are EXPENSIVE! I did loads of research on synthetic V’s animal hair. I knew if I was going to invest the big bucks, I wanted a decent set and so, I came across Zoeva. I had never heard of the brand and came across them reading reviews other beauty bloggers had done. The ONLY negative thing I have found online, was a girl saying one of her brushes had lost a bit of shape when she washed it and had contacted Zoeva and was advised that the shape would return with use. Having that as the only negative piece of information, out there on the big wide interweb is just crazy. So I decided to check out their website and I couldn’t believe their prices. Everything is soooo affordable. My previous make up brushes were all MAC and Smashbox which are $$$.

I ordered the Complete set which cost $109.

and I didn’t stop there. I also ordered the concealer palette, a bronzer/blush palette, two eyeliners and a lip crayon! Zoeva are based in Germany. It took approx. 2 weeks to arrive at my doorstep in Australia. I paid 18USD for DHL.


All in, I spent $200 which is nothing when you check out the quality. I most definitely got bang for my buck!

DSC_0237DSC_0238edited PicMonkey CollageDSC_0255 DSC_0243

lip DSC_0259 DSC_0242



The swatches above are the lip crayon in Silly Love, and eye liners in Mr Marvelous (navy colour) and Rock n Roll Bride (browny color)!

I filmed a Vlog as I was unboxing…


Check it out below…

Love Niamh x

*I own the copyright to all images in this blog post.

Lipsy London Love Michelle Keegan debuts!

This week, Michelle Keegan, has just launched his first ever foray into fashion with her 30 piece collection for Lipsy London.


I think this collection is just so effortlessly feminine and elegantly sleek. The pieces also look very flattering (may be a different story when you try them on but I can only hope they wear as well as they look) as they are all figure hugging while maintaining an elegant sophistication.


Personally, this is very ‘my going out style’. What do you think? Do you like it? Love it? I want to know!


Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.52.42

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.53.00 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.53.10 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.53.25 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.53.33 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.53.41 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.53.53 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.54.02 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.54.11 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.54.20


All pieces from the collection are available to buy from www.lipsy.co.uk.

River Island deliver to Oz!

Yaysies for me and all the Aussie girls!


River Island have launched a new Australian e-store that also accepts Aussie dollars – wahey! One of the hardest things about moving to Australia has been leaving behind all the great high street stores and quality clothing lines. I’ve been getting my fix on ASOS and this is just one great giant leap for Australian fashion. A bit of healthy competition and quality never hurt anybody :)

The Aussie girls won’t know whats hit them… Check out some of their latest campaign images!


Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 13.58.12 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 13.58.23 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 13.58.33 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 13.58.46

Getting Older and Wiser?

On Friday, I’m going to be 26. Its got me thinking, how the hell did all this time pass by so quickly. It feels like just yesterday, I was beginning school life and getting a Troll doll (the clown with red hair) for my troubles  (Anyone else remember them? Just me?) Looking back those Trolls were pretty creepy.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 11.27.33


When I was 16, I had my navel pierced. I still remember the day exactly, down to robbing my dads minature sample sized whisky bottles and necking one of them before getting it done because I reckoned it was going to hurt so much. I ended up laughing so hard that the girl pierced it a little lob sided but I didn’t mind. A couple of weeks ago, I finally took my bar out after almost 10 years of it. I felt old.

After spending the day at the beach, here in Australia, I saw an elderly woman with her navel bar still very much in her navel and as cool and down with the kids as she looked, I decided my naval piercing had had its day.

Is this the hardest thing about getting old? Looking around and realising you can’t do certain things or don’t want to portray yourself in a certain way? Once I didn’t care. Now though, I don’t care what others think about me, but I do care about how I portray myself.

When I was a teenager, I found myself experimenting with make up, hair colour, clothes, and now, when I look back, I realise how boring I’ve become in this regard.  No more dying my hair pink or blue on a whim, although admittedly, I haven’t done that since my schooldays.

When did I get so old and boring?!

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 11.48.48

So, as I turn 26, I want to make a conscious effort to at least try and be a little bit more edgy in my clothes choices and a little less relaxed when it comes to wearing make up and choosing how to style my hair. By this, I mean actually wear make up sometimes. I loved wearing make up and experimenting and spent many, a long afternoon messing about in Debbie Leonards home make up studio trying different colours and looks out. But in Australia, not many people wear make up. At least, not where I live in Newcastle. So make up- I’m pledging allegiance to your awesomeness and will for the year of being 26, at least try to experiment once a week.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 11.47.57

When I went home to Ireland, I had extensions put back in. I love long hair. Maybe though, its time for something new. Something shorter.

Life is too short, and while I won’t be putting my navel piercing back in, I will be spending the next year, a little more on the edge, at least when it comes to fashion and beauty. It’s too easy to sit back and let life pass you by, same old routine, same old make up. So I’m gonna say HELLLLLLO 26 with a bit of a change and try not to feel like it’s time to put on my slippers and sit in front of the fire!


Ireland: Gala Screening of Noble in aid of CNCF



Ansty Productions & Eclipse Pictures

The Gala Screening of NOBLE



Directed by Stephen Bradley.
Starring Deirdre O’Kane, Sarah Greene, Brendan Coyle, Liam Cunningham and Ruth Negga.


in aid of CNCF

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation will host the Gala Screening of  NOBLE


At: Savoy Cinema, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1

On: Thursday 11th September 2014 at 7pm

With a post Gala Screening Party


In: House, 27 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2



To purchase tickets, please contact info@presence.ie. (Tickets €50 each)


Cara Delevingne for Mulberry A/W 2014

I’ve fallen slightly in love with Cara Delevinge and Mulberry after seeing their latest campaign shots.

Shot by Tim Walker and starring the British countryside, what’s not to love? These images are just adorable.

Shop the collection at www.mulberry.com








Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show Launch


I was lucky enough to be one of the attendees at the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show reception, which took place in The Champagne Bar in the RDS, overlooking ring 2 where the iconic Puissance wall was on display. 

The event which is the largest summer event in Dublin, marked the announcement of the 2014 Horse Show dates (6th – 10th August). Luckily Dublin’s heatwave was in full swing at the reception, which set the tone for a great event. Drinks were flowing freely thanks to Blossom Hill, while tasty canapés were circulated. Kids were also treated in the form of pony rides, balloon modelling, and face painting. Whether it was for the kids or for the adults, remains to be seen, but an ice-cream van was also on site, creating a lot of happy faces (who doesn’t love a good 99 on a hot summers day)?!

Whether it’s a fun day out for you and your friends or you and your family, The Horse Show caters to everybody, with plenty of entertainment for all children visiting the Show with a packed programme of events over the five days including bouncy castles, magic shows and pony rides. One of the highlights of the week for both female and male fashionistas, is ‘Blossom Hill Ladies’ Day at the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show on Thursday, August 7th. This premier style event includes a number of fantastic prizes including Best Dressed Lady, Most Creative Hat and the g Hotel Best Dressed Man.

General admission tickets for one day cost €21. Student/OAP’s/Children under 16 cost €15 per day and a Family day pass (2 Adults, 4 children) costs €54. For more information go to www.dublinhorseshow.com

DSC_0052 DSC_0040 DSC_0038 DSC_0035 DSC_0024 DSC_0021 DSC_0012 DSC_0006 DSC_0001

Wayne Cronin & Ruth ScottSinead Stimpfig and Jedda DowneySarah McDermott and Ian O'KeeffeRuth MulcahyRebecca and Zuilmah LeeMichel Duffy (RED CEO) & Marita Connors